Why the documentary

Once upon a time there was a young man who thought that instead of being a loving, committed and honest man or husband, he would go the opposite route. “I thought I was a player” and for 25 years I chased that image, (lifestyle association with pimps, nightlife and hustling). It was not until I saw the life I wanted to have slipping from my reach that I decided that if I wanted something different, I had to do something differently.

I was married to the “perfect” woman for me, but did not have the mind to appreciate her. Hell, I didn’t have the mind to appreciate a damn thing other than the foolishness of my crazy beliefs and being a womanizer. I held beliefs about women that, back then, I didn’t want anyone to know. So added to my faulty beliefs, was the keeping of secrets that were making me sick and uncomfortable inside. In order to get better I made another faulty decision. I would do drugs, go to prison, come out and change my life by “trying” to change my wife, daughter and everyone and everything in my life. Fortunate for me, my future held more promise, revelation and healing than I could have ever imagined. One of the biggest revelations for me was when I learned that we create our relationships and for true change to happen around me, it first had to happen in me. That’s when I saw the shit I was creating. A lot has occurred between then and now, that will be shared in the documentary. I have learned what a man can do to either eliminate or reduce the craziness and get in touch with his real caring self. I want to share my new beliefs with those men and the women who love them, so that you can have the love you want now….as I have with my perfect wife.

I couldn’t be the only man who found himself making faulty decisions, blaming others and losing so much of what he really wants. In this video you will see other men who are willing to have guided video conversations with me about their lives, beliefs, concerns, fears and experiences with and about the women who love them. I believe that things can be more loving and lasting when men own their own stuff and when women know who we really are. For that miracle to happen, men have to make it happen.

Contact Information:

Reginald V. Adams, Executive Producer

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Email: careconsultants1@yahoo.com

Vanella A. Jackson-Crawford, Executive Producer

Cell No: (202) 577-7005

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Our development of the audio visual digital media production was to bring awareness to audiences surrounding society ills and anti-social behavior major issues. CARE developed a solid foundation through state of the art, audio visual equipment and production including Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dream weaver, Adobe after Effects, Adobe in Design, and the Macintosh and Windows operating systems. CARE uses a variety of hardware, including web servers, digital cameras, light kits, scanners, and color printers

In reaching our goal, we developed audio/visual tools that youth and adults can use to unravel the personal psycho-social and emotional internal issues that contribute to most, if not all, forms of “youth and adults acting out behavior.”  We built on the current research data about youth and anti-social behavior, to develop our project. A key contributor to adolescent misbehavior resides in the relationship a child has or does not have, with their significant male parenting figure.  The I Apologize video illustrates this dilemma which inspired us to convene a group of men together and find out their views on family and other relationships. Our current project currently in development is a conversation with men on their experiences and impressions of their feelings about their relationships.  The documentary is entitled "What Men Do That Make Women So Angry."  This documentary is an interview of men from different races and backgrounds discussing relationships, beliefs, concerns, fear and experiences. 

Our intent is to examine the intricacies of the human condition in ways that keeps us human and aware.  Socrates is credited for saying that, “an unexamined life is not worth living.”
 CARE Consultants,LLC

"I Apologize, A Closer Look into Kiddie Car Thefts¨ 30-Minute documentary by filmmakers: Reginald Adams, Vanella Jackson-Crawford, Beezhan Meezan, and Liane Scott.