CARE Consultants,LLC

Tutoring Services

Focus Points

Preliminary assessment

• Woodcock- Johnson, Wechsler Testing Tool

• Individual achievement test

• Review academic record and report card

• Individualized education program

• Conduct and develop interim and final assessment

• Academic progress and instructional accomplishments

• Encouragement and support in higher education or vocational training

Tutoring is one of the best ways to support your community. By empowering a youth to succeed, you are creating a brighter future for all of us and will gain the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life. You will discover and rediscover parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed, learn how much you have to give, and have the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference.

CARE tutors are matched with youth referred by various community based organizations, Government Agencies and the School System. We support these relationships with one-to-one and group tutoring, support, and group activities.

CARE has years of experience providing tutoring services and In-Kind services to youth for various organizations to name a few Boys and Girls Town, D.C. Child and Family Services Agency, National Center for Child and Families, First Home Care, Pressley Ridge, Board of Child Care, KidsPeace National Center, Maryland Choices, PG County Child and Family Services, and Juvenile Justice System.

CARE Consultants, LLC is an experienced and trusted tutoring company that offers individual and group tutoring sessions in Washington, DC Metropolitan area. CARE provides in home, group homes, community-base supplemental education services. CARE provide services for special education need clients and to clients or other recipients who are otherwise unavailable or unwilling to receive academic and/or educational instruction in a school setting. CARE develops effective ILP’s and customize its services to address the areas of the critical student needs and weakness thus enabling the student to make maximum academic and educational progress. CARE is sensitive to the fact that many of our clients have experienced rejection, disappointment and other harm to their respective mental well-being. CARE provides training to ensure that its tutors are thoroughly familiar with the goals and objectives of assessment and diagnostic evaluation.