Level 0.5 Early Intervention - DWI Education ( Six - Eight Weeks )

90 Minutes Group/Individual session once a week

Include Random Breathalyzer/Urine Analysis Testing

Attend Outside AA/NA Support Group Daily

Level I Outpatient Treatment ( Eight - Twelve Weeks )

90 Minutes Group/Individual session one - two days a week

Include Random Breathalyzer/Urine Analysis Testing

Attend Outside AA/NA Support Group Daily

Level II.I Intensive Outpatient Treatment ( Twelve - Twenty Six Weeks )

90 Minutes Group/Individual session two - three days a week

Include Random Breathalyzer/Urine Analysis Testing

Attend Outside AA/NA Support Group Daily

CARE Consultants Treatment Center Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Program is designed to provide long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol. CARE's program uses a broad variety of techniques. These techniques include a wide range of approaches including problem solving groups or individual sessions, psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and 12-step education etc.

CARE systemically link clients, families with available resources. CARE provides effective programs and services to support those recovering from addictions. We treat our clients with dignity and respect while helping them successfully reintegrate into society. CARE's program offers various levels of treatment services to include early intervention, low-intensity, and intensive. The ultimate goal of CARE's Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is to empower the individual to recovery and maintain their sobriety abstinence from drugs and alcohol

CARE's program has been extended to meet the ever-growing need and demand for comprehensive treatment services. Chemical dependency (drug or other alcohol addiction) is a progressive, chronic, potentially fatal disease. The adverse consequences affect all areas in the life of the chemically dependent person.

Our goal is to provide effective treatment, which enables the individual to develop a new foundation for a meaningful and productive life without the use of alcohol or other mood altering chemicals.

Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment

Our philosophy translates into our interaction with all those who seek care: 

• Each client shall be treated with respect and dignity. 

• Each client is an individual with needs.

• Treatment plans are developed to respond to each client’s specific needs. 

• The length of treatment is individual to each client and is determined by their needs, progress and willingness    to use the program’s tools for personal recovery.

• Ongoing involvement with twelve step programs support and enhance recovery and is required in all phases        of the program. 

• Continuing care is essential following the initial structured program and is developed with the individual to        support his/her ongoing recovery.

• What is learned in treatment is a foundation for recovery and encourages and supports long term recovery          based on personal effort, growth and change.

Because of the complex nature of chemical dependency problems, a positive treatment outcome is generally most enduring when the individual is involved in an intensive program of therapy and education in conjunction with active participation in a twelve step program and ongoing reinforcement and support.

Treatment planning is tailored to individual needs, and length of stay in the outpatient program varies according to the person’s functioning and response to treatment.

Program Philosophy

CARE's philosophy is early diagnosis, prevention, education, and treatment. CARE believes that our clients are provided with accurate, research-based and scientific information regarding drugs and alcohol to include dealing with the psychosocial aspect and associated problems.

 CARE Consultants,LLC