Returning Citizens Project Program

Assist returning citizen’s transition from incarceration back into the community. Reentry begins at sentencing and continues pre-post release, with a particular focus on the continuity of care from prison to the community. It often involves a variety of agencies and groups that coordinate efforts to ensure that returning citizens receive needed services, opportunities, support and resources.

Suboxone Referral and Counseling Services

A comprehensive maintenance and referral outpatient treatment program. Design for clients that depend on pain medication and addicted to opiates. Doctor Referral, Medically Supervised Withdrawal, Screening, Assessment, Counseling.

Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

The Driver Improvement Program (DIP) is a 3 hour instructional program that is intended to provide driver rehabilitation. 

Counselor / Staff Development

Peer culture * Role and responsibility * Power struggles/boundaries * Communication skills Crisis intervention * Ethics.

Family Preservation Training

* Impact and contribute to changing how the participant views him/herself as an individual in the parenting role * Provide families with tools for living effectively in their homes and in their communities * Educate parents in managing households and finances * Coach parents to incorporate new techniques to enhance their way of living * Coach parents in skills for effective communication and conflict prevention and intervention within their families

Team Building Training

Establish team objectives * Communication/listening skills * Trust and commitment * Recognize, appreciate, and utilize team member diversity * Problem solving/decision making * Role and responsibility .

Mentoring Services

Provide a positive role model * Involve youth in structured activities and projects * Strengthen self-esteem * Create learning exposure and experiences

Individual / Family Counseling Services

Our counseling programs are designed to promote healthy relationships and improve the overall well being of our clients. We believe in affordable, quality mental health care and are committed to developing innovative programs for the community.

Tutoring Services

One-on-One and group tutoring * Improve academic performance * Learning opportunities * Academic assessments * Pre and post academic test

 CARE Consultants,LLC

 Substance Abuse Outpatient Service

Our Outpatient program has been expanded to meet the ever-growing need and demand for comprehensive treatment services. Chemical dependency (Drugs or Alcohol Addiction) is a progressive, chronic, potentially fatal disease. The adverse consequences affect all areas in the life of the chemically dependent person.


 DWI/DUI Education Program

Lawmakers take drunk driving very seriously because of the high fatality rates associated with the action. In 2006, alcohol-impaired persons were involved in 13,470 traffic-related deaths, which accounted for 32% of all the automobile fatalities that year.

Behavior and Anger Management

How to process behavior and anger * Problem solving * Identifying the consequences and sources * Belief, feeling, and thoughts

Conflict Resolution

Alternative conflict strategies * Practice techniques for managing negative emotions * Conflict cycle (beliefs-conflict-response-consequences) * Cultural influence and values

Life Skills Training

Create realistic goals * Develop social skills * Self-image/self improvement * Coping skills Making decisions

Personal Responsibility Training

* Create and manage change * Overcome barriers * Human and community development training * Diversity training * Life skills and performance coaching for individuals and organizations