The goal Is to work with returning citizens from the ground up in preparing them to be successful, viable participants in their community’s and restore healthy relationships with their families.

There are over 10,000 ex-prisoners that are released from America’s State and Federal prisons every week and arrive on the doorsteps of our nation's communities. More than 650,000 ex-offenders are released from prison every year, and studies show that approximately two-thirds will likely be rearrested within three years of release. The high volume of returnees is a reflection on the tremendous growth in the U.S. prison population during the past 30 years. For the communities to which most former prisoners return (communities which are often impoverished and disenfranchised neighborhoods with few social supports and persistently high crime rates), the release of ex-offenders represents a variety of challenges.

There are several obstacles that lead to high rates of recidivism in Southern Prince George’s County.  Ex-offenders are often isolated, denied employment, legally excluded from many public and subsidized housing programs, prohibited from obtaining various licensures, and may be rendered ineligible for student loans and grants.

CARE Consultants Re-entry Program working in conjunction with Education Training Services, Inc will address the growing need to provide a continuum of care for returning citizens (ex-offenders) by providing women, men and youth in Southern Prince George’s County, MD with the comprehensive treatment and support services necessary to prepare for, and maintain, successful community reentry and reintegration.

Assistance and Referrals for:
•    Housing
•    Medical Assistance
•    Driver license / Birth Certificate
•    Employment  
•    Vocational Training
•    Mental Health / Substance Abuse Services
•    Legal Issues
•    GED / Literacy
•    Life skills / Job training

Returning Citizens Project

 CARE Consultants,LLC