CARE Consultants,LLC

Personal Responsibility Outline

• Create and manage change

• Overcome barriers

• Diversity training

• Coaching for individuals

• Managing Stress

• Removing unhealthy relationships

• Creating new way of living

• Understanding thinking process

    Personal Responsibility Training

Personal Responsibility Training enhances the understanding of how to increase productivity thinking process by identifying and removing internal barriers and empowering youth and families to take charge of their lives.

 The trainer will gather information regarding the youth and family difficulties and the changes they want to make in there life’s. The trainer will work closely with the youth and family to help them take action to bring about those changes and make them stick. The trainer does this through a combination of teaching, coaching, and support as we work together.

If you never learned the skills you need to manage stress or anxiety, have a happy relationship, or handle the other challenges life throws at you, it's understandable that you would be having a hard time dealing with it. It's not that different from trying to play the drums when you've never taken any lessons. We don't automatically know how to be happy and successful in our lives and relationships.

Even when things are so bad that youth and families can barely get through the day, asking for help may be difficult. Perhaps youth and families feel embarrassed, or think that seeking help is a sign of weakness.