Having a hard time finding the answers you are looking for? Individual Counseling may be the answer

You don't have to keep struggling - I'm here to help you create the life you really want to have. Through counseling, you can learn how to change your life and work through your current problems. Counseling is a lot more than just coming and talking to someone once a week.

Our counseling programs are designed to promote healthy relationships and improve the overall well being of our clients. We believe in affordable, quality mental health counseling services and are committment to developing innovative programs for the community.


  Individuals, Couples, Families, Children & Adolescents

  Anxiety & Depression

  Personal Relationships

  Pre-marital Counseling

  Grief & Loss

  Gay & Lesbian Issues / Sexuality

  Abuse / Survivors of Abuse


  Victims of Crime

  Life Stage Related Issues

  Substance Abuse

Parenting / Coaching

  Develop effective ways to communicate

  Understand the differences between praise and encouragement

  Encouraging cooperation

  Understand misbehavior and responding effectively

  Provide parent self care and support

Are you dissatisfied with your relationship? Do small differences quickly escalate into major arguments? Have you even considered divorce or separation to be a better alternative than what your life has become?

Many couples have hopes and dreams of how their relationship will play out. Ask yourself if you or your partner are experiencing any of the following:

You and your partner only have "together time" sitting in front of the TV during commercial breaks.

You and your partner rarely talk about anything other than work or the kids.

You find that small quarrels quickly turn into major arguments.

You or your partner live virtually separate lives, having little or no interests in common.

Adolescents Assessment


  Clinical Interview with Parent(s) and Child

  Any Necessary Collateral Phone Interviews

  Review of Relevant Records

  Emotional and Behavioral

  Feedback Session

Optional services based on presenting problem:

  • Classroom Observation

  • Continuous Performance Task (for ADHD)

  • Screen of Auditory Processing

  • Personality Testing

Psycho educational / ADHD Evaluation

  Clinical Interview with Parent(s)

  Clinical Interview with Child

  Any Necessary Collateral Interviews

 Review of Relevant Records

  Classroom Observation

 Feedback Session

  IQ Testing

  Achievement Testing

  Visual Motor Integration Testing 

 Emotional and Behavioral Rating Scales

  Attention Rating Scales

Optional based on presenting problem

  Screen of Auditory Processing

  Screen of Executive Functioning

  Screen of Memory and Learning

  Personality Testing

Staff includes:

  • Licensed Psychologists

  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists

The definition and role of family has evolved and changed significantly in the past generation. No matter how you define your family, most people agree that an emotionally healthy family can be a great source of love and support.

Not all families are so fortunate. The love and support that occurs in a well functioning family can often be replaced by hurtful words and actions, conflict, chaos, and hostility. If you’re finding it hard to adapt or to communicate about your experiences with your family, then the help of a caring professional can help guide you into more effective ways of dealing with:

​As a family you can expect the following services from CARE Family Counseling Service (CFCS):

                                 Parent/Child Conflict         Poor Communication   

                                 Sibling Conflict                  Grief and Loss

                                 Single Parenting                Sexuality Issues

                                 Drugs and Alcohol              Divorce

                                 Abuse                                Blended Family

Individual / Family Counseling Services

 CARE Consultants,LLC

  • CFCS stress the important role that relationships play in emotional health.

  • CFCS welcome the opportunity to work with many different forms of family.

  • CFCS define the concept of family quite broadly. 

  • CFCS regard the family as a whole to be the “client”. Therefore, I emphasize factors like family roles, boundaries and

             communication patterns rather than putting all of the emphasis on the traits or symptoms of individual members. 

  • CFCS have sessions that include other individuals or groups that play a role in the functioning of the family, including                    children, parents, spouses/partners, grandparents, and friends to name a few.

  • CFCS You may begin to see that, when it comes to the issues, everyone has a part to play, not only in maintaining the                    problem but also in contributing to the solution.

  • CFCS take a solution-focused approach when working with families and groups. We’ll work together on defining what is                  troubling your family and explore what is involved in creating healthy ways of living and relating to one another.