CARE assist families in developing skills on how to raise happy, responsible and cooperative relationships with family during our two - four week Family Preservation Training / Parenting Training. Our Family Preservation / Parent Program is lead by license Therapist and Professional Counselors with over 25 years experience n teaching parenting skills. Each session, you will learn critical and important skills that will help you build the relationship you want with your family by utilizing the systematic training for effective Family Preservation / Parenting Theory.

Empowerment is a process in which the family begins to understand and start using its own power to take charge of its own life and become less dependent on the system. This process needs lots of time.

Crisis is an opportunity for change. When a family is undergoing a very stressful situation such as unemployment, health problems such as AIDS, food, death in the family, housing and finances, it is very difficult to lead a "normal" (whatever it may be seen by that family) life. STRESS CAN CAUSE HIGHLY UNUSUAL BEHAVIORS, such as an excessive use of alcohol or physical power that sometime result in child abuse/neglect. CARE’s emphasis is on strengths instead of deficits, for example, family members should be assured that they are doing the best they can at this time. At this time, they are more receptive to change. The power for these changes resided in the family. The family knows best what they need. It is the trainer responsibility to empower them, assure them of their strengths, and help them identify and focus on them.

Family Preservation program offered to the family instead of placement of the children, divorce, etc. is very important so that the trainer can explain the main objective to the family. Which is, to "keep the family together" and help the family accomplish their goal. It is the family who decides the goals, and how to accomplish those goals. The trainer is there to help them if they need it and encourages the family to identify problems they want to resolve.

Our training will help you:

    Develop effective ways to communicate

    Understand the differences between praise and encouragement

    Encouraging cooperation

    • Understand misbehavior and responding effectively

    • Provide parent self care and support

Family Preservation Training

 CARE Consultants,LLC