Level 0.5 Early Intervention - DWI Education ( Six - Eight Weeks )

             90 Minute Group/Individual session once a week

             Include Random Breathalyzer/Urine Analysis Testing

                    Attend Outside AA/NA Support Group Daily


        Level I Outpatient Treatment ( Eight - Twelve Weeks )                                       

              90 Minute Group/Individual session one - two days a week

           Include Random Breathalyzer/Urine Analysis Testing      

                   Attend Outside AA/NA Support Group Daily


Level II.I Intensive Outpatient Treatment ( Twelve - Twenty Six Weeks )

            90 Minute Group/Individual session two - three days a week 

         Include Random Breathalyzer/Urine Analysis Testing

                  Attend Outside AA/NA Support Group Daily




DUI and DWI are terms that refer to operating a motor vehicle while impaired by illegal drugs or alcohol. The biggest difference between the two is only in what the letters stand for. Throughout the United States, the laws vary regarding how a DUI or DWI is dealt with.

CARE Consultants Treatment Centers views the alcoholic as one whose life has become unmanageable because of alcohol; we believe the only effective treatment for this illness is total abstinence from alcohol and other illegal substances. The treatment program will be specifically designed to educate the alcoholic about his/her disease. The education program will include facilitation, films, information hand outs, group / individual / family counseling sessions, random urinalysis and breathalyzer testing

Education allows the client to make an informed decision about treatment. The education component of treatment is designed to assist the client in a self-diagnosis of their illness, thereby reinforcing the need for treatment and motivating the client to follow through with the program. Clients will be encouraged to participate in self-help groups (AA, NA, ACOA, etc.) as an effective method of treating the disease on an ongoing basis. Finally, clients will be assisted in recognizing that they, themselves, are responsible for their ongoing abstinence and sobriety.

Program Philosophy

CARE's philosophy is early diagnosis, prevention, education, and treatment. CARE believes that our clients are provided with accurate, research-based and scientific information regarding alcohol to include dealing with the psychosocial aspect and associated problems which accompany to continue drinking.

 It is also our belief that after abstaining for a short period of time, the alcoholic is in need of a supportive environment in order to maintain their abstinence from alcohol.

Our philosophy translates into our interaction with all those who seek care:

• Each client shall be treated with respect and dignity.

• Each client is an individual with needs. 

• Treatment plans are developed to respond to each client’s specific needs.

• The length of treatment is individual to each client and is determined by their needs, progress and                  willingness to use the program’s tools for personal recovery.

• Ongoing involvement with Twelve Step Programs supports and enhances recovery and is required in all              phases of the program. 

• Continuing care is essential following the initial structured program and is developed with the individual to      support his/her ongoing recovery.

• What is learned in treatment is a foundation for recovery and encourages and supports long term recovery        based on personal effort, growth and change.

 CARE Consultants,LLC

           DWI/DUI Education Program

State of Maryland DHMH Certified Program