You may have been assigned to the driver improvement program for one of the following reasons: You were referred by a District Court Judge; You were referred by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH); You accumulated 5, 6, or 7 points on your driving record; You were convicted or granted probation before judgment for a moving violation while holding a provisional driver’s license. If a judge decided that you must attend a driver improvement program, you will receive a letter from the MVA approximately 4-6 weeks after your hearing date. 

Can I take the course voluntarily, without a referral letter from MVA?

Yes. If you take the course voluntarily, we will ask you to sign a waiver form which states that you do not have a referral letter from MVA.

What happens if I do not pass the exam?

If you do not attain a score of 80% or above, you will be required to return after a 24-hour waiting period and retake the test. There is a $10.00 fee for any individual who needs to retake the test.

What if I miss my due date?

If you miss your due date, your license has probably been suspended. Under no circumstances should you be driving. Please contact the MVA to relinquish your license, and to inquire what steps to take to reinstate your driving privilege.


Will points be removed from my driving record after I take the course?

Taking the Driver Improvement Program does not remove points from your license. The points will remain on your driving record for 2 years from the date of your violation.

What am I required to bring to the class or testing site?

When you come to take the class or take the exam, please bring your photo identification, your letter from the MVA, your completion certificate (if you took the course online), and your payment in cash.

How will the MVA know that I completed the program?

Within 24 hours after you pass the final exam, CARE Consultants will electronically transmit the notice of completion to the MVA and it will be posted directly to your driving record.

If your driving privileges are currently suspended, we encourage you to call the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration Driver Improvement Division (410-787-7817) to verify that your suspension has been lifted and you are permitted to drive.

What if I am taking the program for a ticket received out of state?

If you received a ticket in a state other than Maryland, it is your responsibility to forward the completion certificate to that state in order to meet whatever requirements are ordered by the court.

How does Point System accumulation work in Maryland?

The MVA uses a Point System to record traffic violations on each person's driving record. You can consult the Maryland Schedule of Fines and Points (PDF) to find the number of points assessed for each type of violation.

Depending on how many points you have accumulated in a 2-year period, the MVA will take the following actions:

• 3 to 4 points - You'll receive a warning letter.

• 5 to 7 points - You'll be required to complete the Driver Improvement Program.

• 8 to 11 points - Your driver's license will be suspended for a period of time.

• 12 or more  points - Your driver's license will be permanently revoked.

New Drivers with a Provisional License: The MVA will require you to complete the Driver Improvement Program when you receive your first traffic violation, regardless of how many points you have accumulated. If you receive three traffic violations on your Provisional License, the MVA will require you to enroll in the Young Driver Improvement Program. 

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