CARE Consultants,LLC

CARE Consultants, LLC is a for-profit human service company committed to providing caring and compassionate counseling, training and educational programs to youth, their families and agencies in the Washington, D.C./Maryland Area.  Our team is comprised of professional counselors, therapists, educators and facilitators who each have over 20 years of experience in their specialized fields and who bring that expertise to our customer base.

Through the vision of its founder, Reginald V. Adams, CAC-ll, LPC, and President / CEO of CARE Consultants, LLC was established in May 2001, in order to affect the urgent and ongoing needs of disenfranchised and troubled youth, ex-offenders, and their families. Although our individual efforts are effective and impressive we determined that when individual professionals work together, there can be a greater impact.  This allows us to be unique in our capacity to customize services to the particular needs of our clients and customers.

Our services include public speaking, motivational training, leadership development seminars, substance abuse counseling, DUI-DWI program,workshops and a host of  other valuable services.  We are also available to schools, agencies, associations, organizations and churches that want to either develop their own internal programs or want us to directly provide any of our services.